PentaCon Header XXXII NOVEMBER 11-13, 2016
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PentaCon Logo Welcome to PentaCon!
PentaCon is Indiana's longest running game convention. It includes role playing games, miniatures games, board games, collectable card games, live action games, and electronic games. In addition, there is a large dealers area, flea market, and charity events.

PentaCon XXXII will be held at the Grand Wayne Center in downtown Fort Wayne

November 11-13, 2016

Registration and Games Submission

Games submission will be opening fairly soon, using the new registration system. Look for announcements here!

Check our downloads area for files you may need or find interesting. Including information if you would like to be a dealer or a GM at the convention.
Gaming Hall Panoramic

Circus Imperium Flea Market Ace of Aces
PentaCon is presented by the Northeastern Indiana Gaming Association (NIGA). It runs for three days in early November each year in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The convention is open to the general public and is attended by hundreds of gamers.

Take a look at what the convention has to offer, then do yourself a favor, and make plans to attend!


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