NOVEMBER 10-12, 2017
Staff Contact Information

The following are the positions on the PentaCon Committee. Use this list to determine who on the committee to contact with questions. Contacting the correct individual will speed the information flow and will help to avoid errors in passing information between staff members. Where multiple persons are listed for a position, those after the first are assistants.

Clicking on a staff position should open your mail client with the proper address to contact that person or persons.

Chairman Larry Hull The Chairman is responsible for overseeing the convention, taking care of any issues that arise that cannot be dealt with by the respective Coordinator, and generally keeping things moving during the planning stage. The Chairman creates the budget, oversees spending, and sets the convention schedule with input from staff members. The Assistant Chair serves as a backup for this function.
Games Larry Hull The Games Coordinator is responsible for generating the GM letter; scheduling all games and providing those schedules to the Publications Coordinator for use in the on-site guide; contacting GM's where there is an issue; designing the layout of the gaming area (with chair approval); and on-site, taking care of GM issues.
Registration Missy Hull, Emily Hull, Larry Hull The Registration Coordinator is responsible for everything to do with registration, including, but not limited to taking pre-registrations, keeping pre-registration records, handling registrations at the door, handling issues at the door, keeping registration records, and providing a report about attendance and registration dollars taken in.
Vendors Missy Hull The Vendor Coordinator is responsible for generating the Vendor letter, designing the layout of the vendor area (with chair approval), contacting vendors and selling booths, making sure the vendors are satisfied at the convention, and generating a vendor survey for each convention, compiling the results and reporting them to the staff. The Vendor Coordinator should also prepare a report of revenue taken in for each year to present to the staff.
Internet Larry Hull, Allyson Hull The Internet Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the website.
Publicity Allyson Hull The Publicity Coordinator is responsible for getting flyers out to conventions, sending press releases to various media, including Internet, regarding PentaCon, and acting at the Chairman's direction to post information on the Internet. The Publicity Coordinator may set up media to attend the convention, but all interviews will be given by the Convention Chairman.
Publications Larry Hull The Publications Coordinator creates all publications needed by the convention staff (on-site guide and convention flyers) except the GM letter and the Dealer letter; and coordinates any printing or mailing of these items. The Publications Coordinator also maintains the mailing list database.
Electronic Expo Allyson Hull, Emily Hull The Electronic Expo Coordinator is responsible for planning and managing the Electronic Entertainment Expo.
Miniatures Events John Goff The Miniatures Events Coordinator is responsible for managing all miniatures events and contests from initial planning to on-site operations.
Campaign Games Robert Hitz The Campaign Games Coordinator is responsible for obtaining modules for the convention, providing a list for the on-site guide; working closely with the Games Coordinator to determine muster stations and table requirements, and coordinating all Campaign events (RPGA,etc.) at PentaCon.
Special Events Larry Hull The Special Events Coordinator is responsible for all matters dealing with guests, demonstrations at the convention, and has the final word about how various contests will be structured.
Flea Market Missy Hull The Flea Market Coordinator handles all aspects of running the Flea Market prior to and during the convention.
Volunteers Larry Hull The Volunteer Coordinator handles all volunteer efforts prior to and during the convention. This coordinator also helps in the recruitment of volunteers.
Facilities Missy Hull The Facilities Coordinator oversees and negotiates, working with the chair, the facilities use and contracts at the Grand Wayne Center and convention hotel (all contracts must be signed by the chair). The Facilities Coordinator also acts as liaison before, during, and after the convention between the staff/attendees and the GWC. The Facilities Coordinator is intended to be the single-point contact with the GWC.
Convention Support Larry Hull The Convention Support Coordinator works to obtain items for the convention from game companies. This includes product for prizes or giveaways, informational flyers, or monetary consideration for sponserships or advertisements.
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