NOVEMBER 10-12, 2017
Convention History

PentaCon is sponsored by the Northeastern Indiana Gaming Association (NIGA). In 1985, five members of NIGA, acting on their own, hosted the first PentaCon. It was a one day affair attended by approximately 250 gamers. These same five individuals (hence the "PENTA" in PentaCon) continued to host the next three conventions. In 1989, NIGA as a group took sponsorship of PentaCon V. PentaCon has since grown to offer a wide variety of game types to meet most gaming interests.

The continuing success of PentaCon prompted NIGA to expand PentaCon XI to three days. PentaCon XV was the largest attended convention to date, with over 1100 gamers participating in 300 events, and PentaCon XVI broke the event barrier, presenting over 400 events to its attendees. PentaCon XVII, for the first time ever, turned game masters away from their preferred slots to their alternate slots in order to avoid exceeding the space available.

PentaCon's founders: Butch Vonderau, Henri Biancardi, Mike Durant, Don Rapp, Dean Rapp

PentaCon I 1985 The start of it all! Held in the upstairs ballroom of the Grand Wayne Center.
PentaCon II 1986  
PentaCon III 1987 The first flea market was held.
PentaCon IV 1988  
PentaCon V 1989 NIGA begins sponsoring PentaCon.
PentaCon VI 1990 Special Guest: John Wheeler.
PentaCon VII 1991 The first two day convention, and the convention had grown large enough to move from the upstairs ballroom into part of the main exhibition hall of the Grand Wayne Center.
PentaCon VIII 1992  
PentaCon IX 1993 The convention grew to require the entire area of the main exhibition hall in the Grand Wayne Center.
PentaCon X 1994 More than one hundred games and events were offered to over 700 gamers. The founders were brought back to be honored at this tenth convention. This was the first year the convention specifically brought in game related personalities as Special Guests.
* Sorcerers' Guild released Darkus Thel, 2nd Edition at the convention.
* Special Guests: Clyde Caldwell, Pamela and Don Shanteau, Jon Pickens.
PentaCon XI 1995 The first three day convention. The new day, Friday, had two long sessions, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening.
* First charity raffle conducted.
* Special Guests: Jean and Bruce Rabe, Jeff Easley, Tony Szczudlo.
PentaCon XII 1996 Attendance exceeded 800, with over 30 dealers.
* Klingons begin their charity Jail-N-Bail.
* Special Guests: Robin Wood and Mike Short, Robert A. Kraus, Jean and Bruce Rabe.
PentaCon XIII 1997 The greatest number of events to date, over 160, were available to the gamers. * Black Dragon Press, publishers of Dragon Storm, officially released the Dragon Storm Kanchaka Valley, Adventure Book 3, The Haskalad Empire. Mark Harmon was also kind enough to put a review of PentaCon XIII on the Dragon Storm web site.
* Special Guests: Larry Elmore, Susan Van Camp and Mark Harmon, John T. Snyder, Evan Davis.
PentaCon XIV 1998 In February, between conventions, PentaCon was presented the Hanna Award by the Grand Wayne Center in recognition of the convention's contributions to tourism and the economic life of the city of Fort Wayne.
In three days, over two hundred and fifty games and events were run. The convention expanded into one of the Pike Rooms within the Grand Wayne Center to accommodate the greatly increased number of events.
* Special Guests: Ed Greenwood, Matt McWhirt, and Jolly Blackburn.
* Ed Greenwood set a new record for size and length of a seminar at PentaCon. Almost fifty people attended his talk, and what was supposed to be a one hour event, ended five hours later, only because Jolly Blackburn's seminar started!
PentaCon XV 1999 Three hundred and fifty games and events were presented, including the Shared Universe's only officially sanctioned Carnivale. The convention set a major record with over 1,100 attendees.
* Special Guests: Gary Gygax and Diana Harlan Stein.
* Gary Gygax ran two charity events, including an "Old Fashioned D&D" game.
PentaCon XVI 2000 This year over three hundred and ninety events were offered. The convention also expanded physically, adding three Pike Rooms to give almost four thousand more square feet of floor space.
* Special Guests: Ed Greenwood and Larry Elmore.
* Elminster, The Mage of Shadowdale, attended the convention. He presented a seminar and judged the two costume contests.
PentaCon XVII 2001 The convention presented over four hundred and twenty games and events. The convention used all of the space available on the first floor of the Grand Wayne Center, and added the Indiana Hotel Lobby for the Saturday evening Vampire LARP.
* Special Guests: Susan Van Camp and Carl Taliaferro.
* The Fort Wayne Gamers Group (FWGG) provided a network for a variety of computer games.
PentaCon XVIII 2002 The convention presented over four hundred twenty-five games and events. The convention, for the first time ever, presented the Electronic Entertainment Exposition.
* Special Guests: Ed Greenwood and Jolly Blackburn
* Ed Greenwood ran two 2nd Edition AD&D games, "Elminster's Little Problem", seats to which were auctioned and the proceeds donated to charity.
PentaCon XIX 2003 Special guests were Col. Lou Zocchi, Ed Greenwood, Elminster the Sage, and Bob Bledsaw.
PentaCon XX 2004 Special guests were Jean Rabe and Elaine Cunningham. This was the year that we had to make the move to the Scout Park Conference Center due to the Grand Wayne Center renovation and expansion. The only time in convention history that PentaCon was not held at the Grand Wayne Center.
PentaCon XXI 2005 PentaCon returns to the now renovated and expanded Grand Wayne Center. Special guests included Todd Johnson McCaffrey, Jody Lynn Nye, and Bill Fawcett.
PentaCon XXII 2006 Special guests included Jolly Blackburn and Jason Holmgren. Jason provided cover art for the PentaCon XXII pre-registration book. Science fiction artist Carl Lundgren made an appearance in the dealers room.
PentaCon XXIII 2007 Special guest Ed Greenwood and his alter ego, Elminster.
PentaCon XXIV 2008  
PentaCon XXV 2009  
PentaCon XXVI 2010 Special guest Calye Lacefield, aka Chainmail Girl.
PentaCon XXVII 2011 Special guest Jolly Blackburn of Knight's of the Dinner Table fame.
PentaCon XXVIII 2012  
PentaCon XXIX 2013  
PentaCon XXX 2014  
PentaCon XXXI 2015  
PentaCon XXXII 2016  
PentaCon XXXIII 2017  
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