NOVEMBER 10-12, 2017
Judge Benefits Information

The primary benefit you receive for judging at PentaCon is credit towards your convention registration. Currently, judges receive a $10 credit for events submitted during the 'full credit' time period, and $5 credit for events submitted during the 'reduced' time period. Please refer to the important dates info on our home page for the exact dates for these time periods.
This credit will automatically be applied to your account on our registration site once your games are submitted AND approved. Also of note, these credits are based on your event accommodating at least six registered players for an entire slot. Any event with less players, or that uses less than a full slot, will generate proportionately less credit. Events that use multiple judges must accomodate more players if all judges wish to receive the maximum credit!
In all cases, the maximum credit for a single running of an event is $10 per judge (if enough players are accommodated) and the maximum overall credit for an individual is equal to the cost of that individual's convention badge.

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