NOVEMBER 10-12, 2017
Judge Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations pertain specifically to Game Masters. Of course, Game Masters are also governed by the rules and regulations listed under the Attendee menu.

Eating, Drinking, Etc.
at the gaming table
It is the Game Master's prerogative to ask players not to eat or drink at the table.
Appropriateness of Events This is a family convention. Game Masters must keep everything in good taste - no profanity or indecent behavior will be tolerated. The staff reserves the right to refuse event submissions that do not meet the convention's standards.
Walk-In Games The running of walk-in games at the convention is welcomed and encouraged. Walk-in Game Masters must contact the Games Coordinator during the convention to register their event(s). Table space will be provided as available and if a walk-in game is recorded at least four hours prior to running, a sign-up sheet will be added to the registration table. Walk-in Game Masters will not receive any credit toward admission.
Responsibility Please note that PentaCon considers event submissions to be a personal pledge to PentaCon and to the players attending the convention. We expect judges to show up and run their event(s) as scheduled. If you cannot attend the convention, please contact the Games Coordinator as quickly as possible. Game Masters who do not run their events may be excluded from future conventions.
Cash Events Cash tournaments or any event where the Game Master charges money, are not permitted at PentaCon without pre-arrangement with the staff. If you are considering such an event, contact the Games Coordinator with the details. Generally, a tournament that charges an entry fee must provide an equal or greater amount, in retail dollar value, of product to EACH player that participates. Some exceptions may apply.
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